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How to Fix When Photos Will not Save to the Camera Roll

iPadCameraRoll thumb How to Fix When Photos Will not Save to the Camera Roll

I had been operating my jailbroken iPad 2 for a few weeks, and I restored it back to stock recently. Sometime during the jailbroken period of this iPad, it lost the ability to save images and photos to the Camera Roll.

I really don’t have any idea about what caused the issue. It started around the time of my problems with the app iUSers jailbreak but that may be irrelevant. In any case, one fine day I can no longer save an image from Photo Transfer app, or Safari, or any other app, to Camera Roll.

Although I was trying to figure out the problem for a while, it became increasingly stressing, and often slowed me down when working on reviews and posts. When I did my recent restore I thought it would be the end of the problem, but it still persisted even after a full restore.

A little web searching gave me the thing I was looking for, the folder which stores Camera Roll images is at:


Normally when troubleshooting a problem which involves a specific folder or file, it is good idea to rename the folder or file in question. In this case though, because my iPad 2 is no longer in jailbroken period, there is no easy, quick way to do that – so I took another approach. I used the app ‘iPhone Explorer’ to view the file system on the iPad 2, and found the /DCIM/100Apple folder, and removed it.

As soon as the folder deleted, I was once again to save photos and images to the iPad’s Camera Roll. From Photo Transfer app, from Safari, from wallpaper apps, and so on.

The only noticeable unwanted effect from deleting the folder is that images which were there before the deletion are now blurred and not usable. There were only several and any that I needed had already been synced and backed up. So this is no big deal and I will delete those images when I have a chance.

So, the following are the steps to fix this:

- Do a full backup and sync to iTunes before you start.

- Use the app ‘iPhone Explorer’ to find this folder and delete it: /Media/DCIM/100Apple. Even on a non-jailbroken iPad you will be able to see that path.

That is it. This solution works well for me. Please keep in mind that you need always do a backup and sync and feel comfortable in your ability to restore and resync your apps and data before you try something like this. If you fell comfortable with that this is a probably easy fix for a very stressing issue. (ipadinsight)

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